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Sarah Scott

Handsprings 101:

suitable for intermediate to advanced. We cover how to break down the technique of different grips, deadlifts and conditioning. You don't need to be able to handspring to attend!

Static spins and tricks:

Fun tricks and combos to add to your pole repertoire. Learn how to create momentum and dynamic movements as learn hints and tips of tricks that aren't as hard as they seem! Can suit all levels

Spinny Pole:

Learn how to fly and take control of your spinning pole! Using spin-specific combos to create strong and beautiful shapes - suitable for all levels

Choreography Flow:

(can be with heels or barefoot) Suitable for all levels, learn fluid and fun low-flows using helpful techniques that make it easier to follow.


Piece together some classic floorwork techniques into a flow that will have you slinking and rolling around with more confidence, Can be done in heels or barefoot. All levels welcome.

Off The Pole:

Mobility, strength and conditioning for pole that you can do anywhere! Learn how to unlock your bodies potential and reduce your risk of injury. Suitable for all levels.

Daria Chebotova pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!

Marion Crampe

Spin Ceremony:

Mixed levels or designed for specific one.

Learn how to make your spinning skills unique and magical. Follow Marion will share her favorite spins and tips that makes her flows very special.

Pole bendy whispering:

Suitable for all levels. stretch and pole clothes needed.

Let Marion whispers you the secrets to get all the bendy pole moves of your dreams. Make sure to prepare your wish bendy list before you get to the class. You dont have to be extremely bendy to attempt this class.


Suitable for all levels. Covered legs and/or knee pads recommended.

It is about Movement and Soul. Feel the floor. No technical level required on pole. Open your mind, connect and DANCE.

Combos and tricks:

intermediare 1 and 2 (at least invert required)

Pole Choreo:

Suitable for all levels

Marion Crampe pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!

Nadia Sharif

Signature Tricks:

Nadia is known for her aerial flares, twists, and unique flows. Learn some of her favorite grounded and aerial combos.


Learn the techniques and skills used to accomplish fast and safe drops, tumbles and drop sequences!


Let Nadia guide you through some exploratory movement games and exercises to learn how to connect to different emotions and characters through movement.

Spins On Static:

Learn to create power and momentum in your spins! Nadia teaches this class like a science class. Part lecture and part lab. This is highly recommended to ANY level. This workshop will deliver understanding to all spins, from fireman to Phoenix.

Floor Magic:

Bring your heels! This class is all about super fun and creative floor combinations and skills that will take your floor game to the next level. knee pads recommended

Taste the Handstand:

Nadia loves handstands and wants to share some of her favorite ways to enter and exit handstands that will help you put handstands in choreography without needing to have a perfect balance or form. Funky, fresh combos guaranteed!

Nadia Sharif pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!

Josh Taylor

Unicorn Porn:

Unicorns don’t give a fuck, they know they are fabulous, and so should you. This is a choreographed pole dance class in HEELS. Warm up in shoes, learn exotic and acrobatic floor work across the room and a sexy routine. A "do not give a shit" attitude is highly recommended.

Unicorn Porn: Sit Your Ass Down.

Sometimes Unicorns can get tired, they might need to take a seat and catch their breath, but girl you better believe they dance while they are sitting down on that thang. This is a choreographed CHAIR DANCE class, taught with Josh’s unique flavour. Bring your heels, leave your insecurities at home, and lets get nasty. Tie it together How do you create fluid movement and combinations? Tie It Together is all about learning exactly how to create the smoothest transitions, on the ground and in the air, making you appear weightless. This workshop emphasises the specific techniques used to make all movement fluid, and will change how you work with combinations for the rest of your pole journey.

Wind It Up

The Josh Taylor Spin Pole Masterclass Workshop of Dreams, Wonder, and Awesomeness. This class is devoted to the art of spin pole, with an emphasis on how to make spin pole easy, manageable, and beautiful. Figure out how to get the pole to do the work for you, and look fucking cool in the process.

Contemporary Pole de Deux

Movement, Musicality, Expression and Choreography - but you got to bring a friend. This class is a fully choreographed duet pole dance class. Dive into movement, understand quality and expression and challenge yourself, and your friendships boundaries, through dance. Moving together is something we rarely get to experience in pole dance, and this class is dedicated to helping you find a new element to what you already love.

Flexibility: Integrate to open!

120 minutes (2 HOURS)

Should flexibility development be a painful process? The answer, simply, is no. This workshop will teach how and why you develop flexibility, emphasising a technique that distributes the physical stress of challenging ranges of motion throughout your body, minimising your risk of injury - short or long term. Get immediate and long term results by developing an integrated, intuitive approach to your flexibility development.

Floor Surfing

Freezes, Floorwork and Flow Learn to slide, flow and fly across the floor with contemporary floorwork technique, fluidity combinations and dance movement. Make your floorwork feel fun, powerful and effortless all while bending like a pretzel! The combinations taught in this class connect together into one fluid routine. YOU MUST WEAR SWEAT PANTS, SOCKS AND A SHIRT FOR THIS CLASS. Knee pads are recommended.

Josh pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!