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Sasha Meow

Exotic Technique (beginners)
Exotic Flow (beginners, advanced)
Exotic Tricks/ transitions (beginners, advanced)
Exotic Hard (beginners, advanced)
Power Exotic (advanced)
* private lessons available!

Bendy Kate


Feel the connection between the ground and the pole in this unique low flow masterclass. You will learn Bendy’s most interesting low pole flow tricks and transitions. This can include all grounded tricks with a connection to the floor; low flow, handstand transitions, pole breaking (break dance inspired), usual pirouettes, spins and repeating rolls!

Level: All levels, bring knee pads


Learn to defy gravity with Bendy’s latest, seamless, aerial transitions on the pole. The majority of this class will be static rotations but some spinning transitions may be included. This class includes all aerial tricks, transitions, spirals, tumbles and more.

Level: Intermediate and above


Welcome to the choreography brain of Bendy! Bendy’s favorite word to describe her style is Quirky. It is unique, creative and far from the norm. Learn a recent choreography and dance alongside Bendy. Be prepared to be enlightened with a new approach to pole choreography and dance.

Level: All levels


If you like to watch Bendy’s floor flow which is an amalgamation of gymnastics, breakin, contemporary dance and capoeira, there is the class to learn it! Bendy will break down how to perform these beautiful acrobatic pieces of floorwork and she teaches you a quirky floorwork routine to perform alongside her.

Level: All levels, bring knee pads


In this workshop Bendy focuses on: effective body conditioning: warm up, active flexibility, joint anatomy, shoulder prehab/rehab, wrist strengthening, back injury prehab/rehab, hip injury prehab/rehab, effective cool down and soft tissue release techniques.

Level: All levels

* private lessons available!

Kira Noire

Russian Exotic Pole. Flow

My signature choreography on heels. Smooth fluid transition with small delicious details, femininity in every single movement. Technicality, musicality, exactitude and execution. Sing the song with your body.

Russian Exotic Pole. Dynamic

My signature pole choreography on heels. Wide dynamic movements, cool transitions, speed, amplitude, sharp accents, kips and drops. And all it precisely in the music. Hit the beat and blow their minds.

Contemporary Pole Choreography

My signature pole choreography NO HEELS. Mix of different dance styles, quirky floor work,low tricks, emotions and the music. Twist it all around the pole to express ourselves in creating. "If something doesn't let you move on just dance itout."

Crazy Russian Pole

All about flips, kips, drops, crazy transitions and my favourite crazy combos. How to make it look dynamic, big, wide and impressive. But first of all how to make it safe and tssssss how to make easy look hard =)

Static Pole Flow

Transitions, transitions, transitions. Flowing from one to another trick up and down the pole, doing smooth fluid unstoppable spinny combos on static pole. Making that magic. This is what I call Pole DANCE.

Spinning pole combos

This class is about beautiful tricks, shapes, spins and transitions on spinning pole. We will learn how to use the dynamics and rotation, how to climb beautifully and make nicecombos.

Power Pole

This workshop is focused on dynamic spins, tricks, transitions, handsprings and dead-lifts. Theory, trajectory and technique of the execution of power movements. The way from simple to advanced.

Flexy pole

This class is about using a flexibility on pole. We will learn some interesting splits and backbends, and try different ways of going in and out. I will explain how to make your lines look better, how to open splits more on pole, how to hide you weak sides and even how to cheat somewhere.

jezzy k pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!

Evgeny Greshilov

Pole Tricks & Transitions

This class is focused on signature tricks, creative transitions and unique combos on the pole. Different types of the spins from graceful and elegant till powerful and innovative. Acrobatic stunts from Chinese pole techniques and of course strength tricks. Detailed explanation of the technical aspects of their execution and the practice time with supporting.

Difficulty: all levels.

Drops, Slides & Acrobatics

This workshop is focused on the technique and execution of the different kinds of drops, slides and somersaults. We will learn step by step how to reach tricks which could look impossible for you. We are going to learn how to support each other when you do extreme tricks, that helps you to master crazy flips at your own place.

Difficulty: intermediate, advanced.

Low Flow Pole

On this workshop we are going to be doing a lot of floor work which is a trend in pole dance at this moment.We will smoothly combine low level tricks in short combos and master all of them in a flow and nice way.

Difficulty: all levels.

Pole Choreography

This lesson based on Contemporary dance style. A quick warm-up and stretching will be as a beginning and then we will immerse into choreography.We are mostly going to focus our attention on pole "dancing". We will learn a combination on, off & around the pole.Our aims are to improve dance skills, musicality and have fun =)

Difficulty: all levels.

Power Pole

In this workshop we are going to be learning powerful tricks, transitions & combos.Some tricks only look impossible, but if you try to execute them in the correct way, master technique of these tricks and conditioning exercises you can get them with no doubts.Believe in yourself, improve your strength and find own way to get unachievable.

Difficulty: all levels.

Photographer conditions:
1 hour private photoshoot – 150 EUR - 7 edited pictures.
* private lessons available!